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Book Interior Design - Typesetting, Image Scanning & Placement

After your manuscript is received in your word processing format (MSWord files along with a printed hard copy is the preffered format), the text will be set up in the proper page layout format so that it is compatible with your printing firm. All images will be scanned and/or converted into the proper image format.

When a book or project is sent to a printing firm, to insure a quick and problem-free turnaround, files must be set up in either QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker or Adobe InDesign.

When a job is sent to the printer with word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, or WordPerfect, more often, the results are problematic.

There are several reasons why the files from word processors are difficult to output. Below is a list of the most common problems associated with them.

1. Copy Reflow

Unlike page layout files, word processor files are likely to reflow the text when moved from one computer to another (let alone moved from one operating system to another).

2. Images

Word processing programs deal with images very differently when outputting to high resolution output devices.

3. Fonts

MS Word and other word processing programs do not identify and correct missing font problems.

To avoid added costs and delays to your projects, and to achieve your expected result, Two Hearts Design can properly prepare your files in the correct specifications, ready to print.

If you would like more information on book design & typesetting, please click here.

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